Minister Musasizi asks Christians to embrace commercial farming.

By Sophan Niwamanya

The State Minister for Finance in Charge of General Duties Henry Musasizi has called upon Christians to embrace commercial farming and move away from subsistence agriculture, which he believes is a leading cause of poverty in Uganda.

The Minister made this appeal on Sunday during a church service held at various locations, including Kagarama 1 Church of Uganda, Kitojo Catholic Hiika in Bubare town council, and Hamurwa Church of Uganda Parish, all situated in Rubanda district.

Musasizi highlighted that many individuals in Uganda have been primarily growing crops for personal consumption, rather than for sale. This practice has resulted in poverty among families, as they have a limited surplus to sell and generate income.

He emphasized that the high levels of poverty in Uganda are largely attributed to the fact that approximately 39% of the population relies solely on subsistence farming. To combat this issue, Musasizi encouraged Christians to shift their focus towards cultivating crops for both personal consumption and sale. He explained that this approach could lead to improved access to education, healthcare facilities, and other essential services.

During his address, the Minister also urged religious leaders to play a significant role in fostering economic development by helping their followers become creators of wealth.

In a related development, Obed Mutatina, the Bubare Town Council District Councilor, cautioned Christians against misusing parish development funds, citing instances where village residents had used the funds to purchase alcohol. He commended the Minister for his efforts in securing Ugx 150 million for the construction of a girls’ dormitory at Bubare Secondary School and Ugx 200 million for the renovation of Kagarama Health Center 2 in Bubare town council.

Ven Noah Kyooma, the Nyaruhanga Archdeacon, expressed gratitude to Honorable Minister Musasizi for his contributions to the development of Rubanda district and Uganda as a whole. Minister Musasizi also donated Ugx 6 million to Kagarama 1 Church of Uganda, Ugx 3 million to Kitojo Catholic Hiika, and Ugx 5 million to Hamurwa Church of Uganda Parish to support their church development projects.

This call for a shift from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture and the encouragement of wealth creation through farming and responsible fund management reflect the government’s ongoing efforts to alleviate poverty and promote economic development in Uganda.