Kizinga Technical School needs your help.

The Community leaders of Ndorwa East

Alumni of Kizinga Primary School

Alumni of Kizinga Technical School

The people of Ndorwa East 

The people of Kabale District 

Ladies and gentlemen,

I write to you in my capacity as a private citizen of Uganda, a Munyakigyezi, and a native of Kahondo ka Byamarembo, Maziba, Ndorwa. I do not write in any official capacity or on behalf of any organization. However, I write with the advantage of information I gathered while performing my duty when I was still President of the International Community of Banyakigezi. 

As you may be aware, after the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB Apex) installed an Information and Communication Technology Centre at Kizinga Technical School (KTS) in 2017, there followed a marked increase in the student population that overwhelmed the learning and residential spaces at the institution. My wife and I were privileged to visit KTS on February 22, 2023. I went back for a second visit, together with Ms. Lilian Kamusiime and Ms. Evelyne Ninsiima Kikafunda, on March 2, 2023.

On both visits, we were impressed by the focused leadership of the staff, headed by Mr. Alex Ahwera, the Principal, and the Board of Governors. We were impressed by the students, who were hard at work, preparing themselves for their future as contributing citizens. We were very pleased to see the computer labs which were highly valued and used by the learners and their teachers.

However, we were overwhelmed by the enormous challenges that the staff and learners faced. First, accommodation facilities were very limited, resulting in overcrowding, with some students sleeping on the floors. Second, sanitation facilities were very limited and in need of modernization. Third, the networked computers and key learning applications needed upgrading to meet current standards. The hardware that ICOB (Apex) funded and installed in 2017 had already been overtaken by the latest version of AutoCAD, the essential application that students in all specialties required for learning and for doing their national certification examinations. Internet access was very limited, thus undermining the opportunities for timely information access. Furthermore, there were not enough computer terminals to serve the large number of students, now exceeding 400, compared to fewer than 200 who were at the school in 2017.  I have attached photographs to this letter to show you some of the realities at Kizinga. 

Given the situation at KTS, Bishop Gaddie Akanjuna of the Diocese of Kigezi directed that a classroom block in the adjacent primary school be immediately availed for use by the technical school. This was a very welcome measure by the bishop, for which I was personally grateful, as I am sure the people of Kizinga were.  However, a lot remains to be done to make KTS a centre of excellence. I appeal to you to mobilize the alumni of Kizinga, the community, and all people of good will to come to the aid of our technical school. 

Kizinga has an excellent leader in Mr. Ahwera, the school principal. What he needs is our collective support to accomplish his mission.  I encourage the community leaders of Ndorwa East to champion this urgent cause. 

May the Lord continue to bless you and to guide you in all you do.

Yours sincerely,

Muniini K. Mulera 

Private Citizen

Friend of Kizinga


Bishop Gaddie Akanjuna, Diocese of Kigezi

Mr. Alex Ahwera, Principal, Kizinga Technical School

Ms. Bridget Begin Nkojo, President, International Community of Banyakigezi

Beddings in a room that hosts students at the college.
The school truck for the college.
One of the lecture rooms at the college.
Students trying out practical skills at the college.
Ms.Evelyne Kikafunda right, with a student a member of staff at the college.
Some of the tools used at the college.