Kabale authorities suspend ban on scrap metal business

By Sophan Niwamanya


Scrap business operators were handed yesterday a two-week grace period to sell off their stock or else risk their stores being closed until the current suspension on scrap selling and buying is lifted.

These were revealed by Kabale resident district commissioner (RDC) Godfery Nyakuhuma while talking with a reporter at his office in Makanga Kabale Municipality.

Nyakahuma said that the handing of this grace period was a result of concerned scrap business operators led by Mr. Matsiko Runyasi, who complained about having stocked much of the scraps in the stores and having made more orders for scraps from rural areas.

Nyakahuma added that the reason for the imposition of a suspension on scrap business was the increasing security threat caused by scrap dealers in both Kabale municipality and Kabale local government areas.

Last Friday, RDC Nyakahuma revealed that the Kabale district security committee decided to impose a suspension on scrap business dealers due to increasing vandalism of government properties, mostly along various roads in Kabale municipality, leading to many accidents during the commissioning of finished projects in Kabale municipality.