Kabale School Gets a State-of-the-Art IT Resource Center

By Sophan Niwamanya


MTN Uganda, a leading telecommunications company, has collaborated with Sense International to establish a cutting-edge IT resource center at Hornby High School Junior School for the Deaf.

In his role as the guest of honor, representing the bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, the RT. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, Dean of St. Peter’s Cathedral, Rev. Can. Obed Turihohabwe expressed gratitude to Sense International Uganda and MTN Uganda for signing a memorandum of understanding with Hornby High School Junior. The agreement aims to support students with multiple disabilities, including deafness and blindness, in accessing modern technology, thereby simplifying the work of both teachers and pupils.

Rev. Can. Obed Turihohabwe urged other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to always consider the communities where they operate, emphasizing the importance of giving back services to the people as a gesture of gratitude. He specifically commended MTN Uganda for its commitment to giving back to its customers.

Fazil Ndamulira, General Business Manager at MTN Uganda, highlighted the primary objective of the ICT resource center: to bridge the digital gap and enhance the learning experience for students with hearing impairments. He emphasized the company’s dedication to empowering young learners by providing access to information, thereby enabling them to acquire essential skills and improve their lives.

Edward Otim, the Country Director of Sense International, mentioned the additional support provided in the form of hearing aids to pupils with hearing impairments.

Godfrey Beinomugisha, the Head Teacher of Hornby High School Junior, announced plans to initiate computer lessons for higher classes, specifically targeting primarys 5, 6, and 7. He emphasized that computer literacy training would extend to visually impaired learners, ensuring they acquire crucial digital skills before transitioning to secondary education.

Beinomugisha further explained that the program not only focuses on computer literacy but also extends its reach to support special-needs children with multiple disabilities and their teachers. This inclusive approach utilizes orbit readers technology to provide tools that cater to the diverse learning needs of learners with disabilities.

Founded in 1923 by the late Miss Constance Hornby, Hornby High School addresses challenges faced by girls in the Kigezi Region, particularly the denial of their right to education. The school, which initially started with 10 girls, continues to make strides in providing inclusive education and technological support for students with diverse needs.