Kabale traders shun sleeping in markets over poor conditions

By Libino Byamukama


Traders in Kabale central and Garage street markets have shunned sleeping in their respective markets sighting poor conditions.

 The ministry of health directed all food vendors to sleep in their markets as a way of curbing down the spread of COVID-19.

However, this has not gone down well with the traders in Kabale municipality who say that their security is not guaranteed and women revealed that they will be exposing themselves to chances of being raped.

Benious Niwebyona   alias Murisa a water Melon seller   and Duncan Musimenta  an onion dealer  in Kabale central market say that the  market is constructed temporally and  has got  leaking roofs.

They further revealed that none of the traders has received mosquito nets as a way of preventing the spread of malaria.

 Loida Gantu the vice chairperson of  Matooke food vendors in central market says the market is not fenced and are likely to easily targeted by thugs.

Grace Kyomuhendo the Chairperson of traders in  Kabale central market says the market does not  have   Electricity to provide personal security at night.

 She added sleeping in the market would contribute to family break ups as majority of the couples don’t trust to one another.

The Kabale central division LC III chairperson  Sam Arineitwe says the market is not yet up to  the standards to accommodate vendors sleeping in the market. He added, vendors should sanitize everything they touch on as the authorities are preparing to meet them and forge a way forward.