Leaders commend LIONS clubs for strengthening social mobilization

By APN Reporter


Religious and political leaders in Ntungamo district have commended the work done by the lions club in the district arguing that their efforts towards mobilizing people in areas of environmental sustainability, fighting hunger and poverty, childhood diseases among others are yielding the safety and development of many.

The bishop of South Ankole Diocese Rt Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe speaking on Sunday during the function of the LIONS Club of Ntungamo noted that the LIONS e work of the world over has been seen as great change agents in promoting, sustaining life, and propelling people forward in key issues that make up humanity.

“The work of the LIONS world over is well known, you are doing great work in promoting and sustaining life and propelling it forward that people do not go backward. This is what is required of us in life, setting up examples that people should learn from them.” Bishop Ahimbisibwe said.

He said the LIONS club in Ntungamo has been at the forefront in promoting environmental sustainability, hunger relief, promoting health, and mobilization for proper development.

Speaking at the same function the Ntungamo resident district commissioner Mr. David Kaboyo said the LIONS and other service clubs have been core in supplementing government work at times reaching where the government may not reach.

He commended their efforts in mobilizing communities on child immunization calling them to also mobilize for the vaccination against COVID-19 and the forthcoming mass polio immunization.

The LIONS governor district 411B Mr. John Bosco Ntangare said LIONS are committed to promoting the safety of nations they serve in five key areas of environmental sustainability, vision, childhood cancers, diabetes, and hunger.

The function was organized to welcome 13 new members to the Ntungamo Lions club. The club donated 10 bedside lockers to the St Rafael Children’s health center in Ntungamo town aimed at helping the center maintain hygiene in the children’s wards.