Minister Kaducu rallies parents to send learners back to school

By Alex Mugisha

 The  Minister of State for Education & Sports (Primary Education) Dr.Joyce Moriku Kaducu has rallied parents in the country to ensure that all school-age going children return to school.

The minister revealed that over 1.6 billion children saw their education interrupted globally while in Uganda cases of violence against children have been on the increase from 2500 to 5000 cases.

Kaducu who was today morning addressing the media at the Uganda media center during the back to school press briefing revealed that with all the learning institutions in Uganda now open, every child has a right to education with the government of Uganda pledging to uphold the rights of the children.

She further revealed that learning is very core for the communities as well as better living of the children in future.

She stressed the need for all caregivers to ensure that all children including those who have been involved in running businesses return to school.

Kaducu adds that the parents have a vital role in ensuring that their children catch up on the lost time in conjunction with the teachers.

She further challenged the teachers and school administrators to ensure that the standard operating procedures are followed and implemented to ensure continuity of learning for all.

The minister also launched the go back to school campaign.