Kabale farmers get beekeeping equipment

By Alex Byakatonda


Kabale District leaders have handed over beekeeping equipment to

farmers, who were evicted from the Kyanamira-Kabanyonyi swamp, as one

way of giving them alternative livelihood options.

The equipment that was handed over to the farmers on Monday at the

The private sector yard in Kabale town includes 125 bee hives, Overalls,

Bee brushes, hive knives, bee smokers, and queen catchers

According to the Kabale District Senior Environment Officer, Evas Asiimwe, the

The beekeeping equipment is part of a wider program aimed at giving

Farmers who have been evicted need alternative sources of livelihood.

the swamp beneath, the Wetland Resilience, and Building Resilient Communities

which is supported by

the Green Climate Fund.

The program is being implemented in 24 districts in the country, with

with support from the United Nations Development Program and the government of

Uganda. The main aim of the project is to restore it sustainably.

manage wetlands and support target areas in wetland areas of Uganda.

to reduce the risk of climate change posed to agricultural-based


AsiimWe add that the beneficiaries are groups of farmers who were

practicing agriculture, tree growing and dairy farming, along the

Kyanamira-Kabanyonyi catchment area. She adds that they have managed

It was to restore 900 hectares of the swamp, which had started to silt with

Its water has turned blown in color.

Under the restoration program, 160 goats, 189 piglets, and 18900

kilograms of mash and other farm inputs like potatoes, among others,

It has also been given to the evictees.

The District LC5 Vice Chairperson, Miria Akankwasa Tugume, who

representing the District Chairperson, Nelson Nshangabasheija, also

commended the government for providing alternative sources of income and

He stated that these businesses provide a means of subsistence for wetland evictees.

It will act as a source of relief and hope for them. She added that such

These programs are a manifestation of how the government loves its people.