Students urged to embrace patriotism clubs

By APN Reporter

Students and staff have been urged to be patriotic if they want to Excell in life.   The call was made on Friday by Col Nelson Ahebwa, the deputy political chief commissor in Uganda’s people’s defense forces, who was also the head of the trainees at a closing ceremony of in-house Patriotism Training of staff and students which started on Monday, May 9th, 2022 and ended on May 13th, 2022, held at Muntuyera High School-Kitunga. He encouraged them to do what was right at the time, and then their contributions would be more significant.
Col Nelson said that the peace and stability of our country begin at the school where they are. He said if they are promoting chaos, rebellion, and strikes at school it’s equivalent to destabilizing Uganda.

Col. Nelson also encouraged students and staff to shine their lights to the world and share ideas with their parents and other children in order to keep the patriotism spirit alive in the country.

The chief guest, who is the resident district commissioner, Geoffrey Mucunguzi, said that since patriotism clubs were introduced in Uganda, it has greatly changed the attitude of youth in secondary schools, especially students. He said that before 2009, strikes were very common and now very isolated cases occur and school life continues.

According to Mucunguzi, the training provides whole new insights into how anyone can serve in life, and students become more disciplined, becoming better than they were before the training.
The Head Teacher of Muntoyera High School Kitunga, Mr. Twine Joseph Muganga, said frequent student strikes even burned some grass-thatched buildings. Indiscipline became the tradition and was synonymous with the name Kitunga.

He also said that frequent changes of headteachers, all had different styles of leadership and priority policies, e.g., 2003-2006, 5 headteachers punctuated by himself.

The school lost potential teachers to Ntare school in 3007-2010.   He, however, highlighted some of the strategies that are being employed to let the school shine again, such as intensified counseling programs by staff through parenting on assemblies, inviting role models, and also programming more training camps like one of the patriotic clubs through student clubs and associations.

The ceremony was attended by a team from the president’s office such as Capt. Charles Mukuye, Col Ahebwa, Major Emoit and other officials.