Minister Musasizi roots for empowerment of community associations

By Sophan Niwamanya

Henry Musasizi, State Minister of Finance and In-charge of General Duties, has urged people to form developmental community associations in order to save money that can be used to launch individual income-generating projects.

Musasizi, who is also the Rubanda East Member of Parliament, was today speaking during the end-of-year party of the Rubanda East Tubehamwe Association, of which he is a patron, held in his home in Bushure village, Mupungu parish, in Hamurwa sub-county, Rubanda district, where he also met members of the district’s National Resistance Executive Committee, LC3 Chairpersons, and district security committee members.

He said that if community members start up the developmental associations, this will help them save money and later borrow loans at low interest rates, which can help them establish an enterprise. He further asked those eyeing different positions to stop early campaigning and give an opportunity to the incumbent leaders.

Delivering his speech, the Chairperson of the Rubanda East Tubehamwe Association, Cellesensio Bitireira aka Customer, said that the association, which started in 2008, currently has 100 members and 15 million shillings on its bank account. Members acquire loans at 2 percent, which has helped some of the members boost their small-scale enterprises and agriculture. He did, however, state that they are hampered by climatic changes, which affect agricultural productivity.