Mp Ndamira urges PWDs to engage in productive ventures

By Honest Kaberuka

The woman Member of Parliament for Kabale district Catherine Ndamira has challenged to People with Disabilities (PWDs) in the region, urging them to avoid resorting to street begging and instead focus on working diligently to secure a better future for their children.

This declaration was made by Ndamira during a ceremony where she presented piglets to People with Disabilities residing at the Cultural and Community Development Building in Kikungiri, within the southern division of Kabale Municipality.

While speaking to the PWDs at their center, Atwakiire Catherine Ndamira’s message was conveyed by her Political Assistant, Alex Akampurira. He encouraged the individuals with disabilities to embrace a strong work ethic and emphasized that having a disability should not be perceived as a limitation to their abilities.

Akampurira clarified that the intention behind the woman MP’s donation of piglets was to empower the recipients to uplift themselves, rather than encourage them to resort to begging for sustenance on the streets.

The recipients of this donation expressed their gratitude towards the legislator for consistently supporting them. They highlighted the MP’s past contributions, such as donating maize and wheelchairs, without any form of discrimination. They further explained that the piglets would serve as valuable resources, both in terms of generating income and providing manure to benefit their families.