Police officer charged with misconduct in disciplinary court

By Anthony Kushaba


The Territorial Police in Bukedi South and Butaleja district have pressed charges in court against Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Odongo Raphael, a 40-year-old officer stationed at Busolwe police station, located in Butaleja district. This action follows an incident captured in a widely circulated video where AIP Odongo Raphael was seen forcefully pushing Aweny Teddy, a 60-year-old woman and parent of a student at the Busolwe Students Centre. The incident occurred on August 3rd, 2023, around midday, resulting in the victim falling to the ground due to the aggressive shove.

Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson for Uganda, expressed the force’s disappointment over the behavior of their officer. Enanga stated that the officer’s actions were a violation of the Police Standing Orders and the Code of Conduct. The Uganda Police Force (UPF) holds high expectations of professional conduct from all officers during their duty. Enanga emphasized that it was regrettable that instead of ensuring the safety of the elderly victim, the officer acted aggressively towards her.

Meanwhile, an additional case has been opened against Aweny Teddy for willfully obstructing officers engaged in lawful duties. This incident occurred when she attempted to prevent the arrest of her son, Okello Pius, a senior five student, who had allegedly assaulted Police Constable Mugwanya Samuel. During this altercation, Aweny Teddy grabbed the collar of AIP Odongo Raphael Igelat, resulting in her being forcefully pushed to the ground. Enanga reiterated that assaulting, attacking, or obstructing an officer engaged in lawful duty is a punishable offense, and the public should be aware of the consequences.

Furthermore, four students who were identified as inciting violence, leading to the temporary closure of the school following clashes between the Banyole and Jopadhola student communities on July 29th and 30th, 2023, have been granted police bond. The students are Odongo Samuel, Ochen Ronald, Opio Simon, and Okello Pius. They have been instructed to return to school accompanied by their parents after a week.