GEP president donates goats to communities in Rubanda

By Sophan Niwamanya

In a concerted effort to combat poverty, Evelyn Ninsiima Kikafunda, the visionary Green Environment President (GEP), has taken a decisive step towards transforming lives. Yesterday , she extended a heartfelt appeal to the women of Rubanda, urging them to embrace high-density farming as a potent means to enhance their household incomes.

Ninsiima delivered this rallying call during a meaningful interaction with the members of the FREMMA Community Connect Group. This group, comprised of 60 resolute women from Kagarama Ward within the Hamuhambo town council of Rubanda district, came into being in 2018. With steadfast determination, they have channelled their efforts into the realm of goat husbandry, leveraging the seeds of their savings sown years ago.

Amidst the distribution ceremony of goats today, Ninsiima Evelyn Kikafunda, a seasoned agricultural expert, expounded on the captivating multiplier effect embedded within the essence of a goat. She astutely highlighted that, within the span of a single year, a goat possesses the remarkable capacity to double its numbers, thereby igniting a profound upsurge in income generation.

Harnessing the same platform, Ninsiima adeptly delved into farming methodologies that hold the promise of elevating high-density farming. She expounded on practices that yield amplified crop output without necessitating an expansion of planting space. Recognizing that mothers shoulder the dual roles of family caretakers and arbiters of sustenance, she empathized with the hardships they encounter due to constrained arable land and subsequent financial limitations.

Furthermore, Ninsiima illuminated the government’s resolute focus on women in its unyielding campaign against household poverty. The Parish Development Model (PDM) stands as a testament to this commitment, earmarking a substantial 30 percent of selected projects – encompassing poultry, piggery, and crop cultivation – to benefit women directly.

Kyasimire Kulgah, an exemplary leader as Chairperson of the group, attributes the group’s remarkable evolution to their unwavering dedication to savings and the invaluable insights gleaned from Evelyn Ninsiima Kikafunda. Through this transformative endeavor, they have unlocked a steady stream of income from various sources such as goat sales and the valuable resource of manure, propelling the holistic development of their households.

A total of 40 goats were disseminated among the members of the group, marking a pivotal milestone in their journey towards financial empowerment and emancipation from the clutches of poverty.