Ntungamo District Takes Bold Steps Towards Access to Clean Water

By Anthony Kushaba

In a significant move towards ensuring a sustainable and clean environment, Ntungamo local council five chairperson, Samuel Muchunguzi Rwakigoba, has rallied leaders and locals alike in Ntungamo district to champion the cause of environmental protection. Addressing a gathering during the launch of the production well drilling for community water at Kizinga Trading Centre in Ngoma sub-county, Rushenyi county, Chairperson Muchunguzi emphasized the collective responsibility of all Ugandans in safeguarding the environment.

During the event held on Thursday , Chairperson Muchunguzi also commissioned the construction of a state-of-the-art fero cement water harvesting tank for Ruhara Primary School. The initiative aims to provide the students with access to clean water, further underlining the district’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its residents.

Leaders at Kizinga Trading center .

Expressing concern over the challenges arising from environmental depletion, Chairperson Muchunguzi highlighted the need for proactive measures to mitigate issues such as water scarcity and prolonged dry spells. He urged local leaders and community members to actively monitor contractors to ensure the execution of quality work.

Ntungamo Chief Administrative Officer, Mathias Ndifuna, echoed the sentiments, calling on locals to protect government-implemented projects funded by their taxes. He commended Chairperson Muchunguzi for his focused and able leadership, attributing effective service delivery in the district to his stewardship.

Herbert Nyesiga, the Ngoma sub-county LC III chairperson, praised the district leadership for prioritizing Ngoma with vital projects. He encouraged locals to refrain from disrupting contractors during their work, emphasizing the importance of concentrating on developmental initiatives over premature politicking.

The event was attended by members of the district executive, local leaders, and other stakeholders. The collective commitment to environmental protection and access to clean water marks a positive stride towards a healthier and more sustainable future for the people of Ntungamo district.