Rubanda district disburses 57m grant to PWDS

By Sophan Niwamanya

Rubanda District authorities led by Chairperson Lc 5 Ampeire Steven Kasyaba have launched the disbursement of funds worth 57 million shillings to 16 beneficiary groups under the Special grant for persons with disabilities. 

The special grant for PWDs targets persons with any form of disability including those with multiple disabilities like mental disorders who are represented by their caregivers.

The Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development started giving out a special grant to organized PWD groups in the 2009/10 financial year.

The purpose of the grant was to support income-generating activities for Persons with Disabilities, to provide employment, improve the income status and enable them to become partners in the development process of the country.

The District chairman, Ampeire Steven Kasyaba speaking during at the official disbursement exercise at Rubanda district Rukiiko hall urged the beneficiaries to utilize the funds received as per the work plans submitted and always seek guidance from the extension workers within their sub counties.

Kasyaba revealed that this grant has been in existence and they look forward to continuing lobbying funds annually to improve the livelihoods of people living with disabilities.

He commended Hon Min Henry Musasizi for always providing a hand in securing these funds, adding that they have worked together in different departments in securing a lot of money in the development of Rubanda district.

However, Kasyaba emphasized the need for the community to be watchful, and guard their properties in periods where safety and crime increased in Rubanda district.

 “If you don’t protect your properties jealously they will be stolen, thieves have increased according to the cases we receive at the district”,kasyaba added.

Mr. Kahwezi Gordon, Rubanda district Development officer, revealed that over 200m have been disbursed to people living with disabilities in Rubanda district since four years the program started.

He added every year they give different groups of people and those who have never benefited in the program and the beneficiaries are the people who have successfully registered their enterprises ready to use their funds.

He asked the beneficiaries to desist from using the money in buying clothes, meat alcohol among others, although it’s nonrefundable, rather use funds for profitable and income generating activities.