Rukiga MP Fails to Deliver Kitchen at Mparo Health Center IV

By Arinda Hamlet

The Rukiga County Honorable Member of Parliament, Honorable Roland Ndyomugyenyi Bish, has come under scrutiny as the pledge to construct a Kitchen at Mparo Health Center IV remains unfulfilled.

In a recent session at the Rukiga District Rukiko hall, the district council took decisive action after Honorable Bish failed to deliver on his commitment. Councilors highlighted the urgent need for a Kitchen at the health facility, citing the dire conditions that endanger the lives of patients and caretakers alike.

It was revealed during the council meeting that Honorable Bish had pledged to construct the Kitchen during his campaign two years ago. However, the project was initiated but subsequently abandoned, leaving the community without this essential facility.

To address the pressing issue, the council allocated funds for the construction of the Kitchen in the upcoming budget for the year 2024/2025. An amount of 30,829,093 shillings has been earmarked for this purpose, emphasizing the council’s commitment to fulfilling the unmet promises of elected officials.

Additionally, key priorities in the health sector for the upcoming budget include the completion of a Maternity Ward and a Mortuary at Mparo Health Center IV, with allocations of approximately 35,500,000 shillings and 40,619,000 shillings respectively.

However, the overall budget for the Rukiga district for the year 2024/2025 reflects a decrease of 12.4% compared to the previous year. This reduction, amounting to 26,386,339,000 shillings, has been attributed to various factors including the non-allocation of certain grants, decreases in local revenue and donor projections, as well as adjustments in district wages and expenditures.

According to the Secretary for Finance, Planning, and Administration, Honorable Niwandinda Samuel, addressing these financial challenges while meeting the needs of the community remains a priority for the district administration.