Undercover Cyclists: Kabale’s Battle Against Nighttime Robberies

By Naboth Isaac Niwagaba


Kabale District Security Authorities are grappling with an uptick in robbery incidents, pointing fingers at unregistered boda boda stages operating after dark.

During the Fourth Kabale District Council Session of the financial year 2023/2025, District Internal Security Officer (DISO) Reuben Mutabazi highlighted the District Security Committee’s directive to ensure all boda boda stages in Kabale are officially recognized and regulated.

Mutabazi revealed that, on average, Kabale witnesses two robbery cases weekly, with many going unreported. He attributed this surge to criminals masquerading as boda boda operators at night, particularly from ungazetted stages.

The concerns were echoed by Kabale District Speaker of Council, Flavia Nyinakiiza Kanagizi, who cited instances of highway robberies along the Kabale-Mbarara route, particularly in the Kabaraga Hills area, resulting in property loss, injuries, and fatalities.

In response, Kabale District Boda Boda Association Secretary, Alex Niwagaba, attributed the issue to suspected criminals infiltrating from neighboring districts like Rubanda, Katuna, and Kyobugombe. Niwagaba outlined measures taken by the association, including the gazetting of six out of 130 boda boda stages for nighttime operations, with plans to collaborate with the police in apprehending offenders operating from unauthorized stages.

The gazetted stages, including Monalisa, Skyline, Posta, Highland, and Mutambuka Boda Boda Stage, were strategically selected based on the volume of nighttime economic activities and security considerations.

DISO Mutabazi identified additional challenges, such as street children engaging in theft and housebreaking, along with suspected criminals at Kabale Municipality’s washing bays. He emphasized the committee’s directives to regulate washing bay operations and address homelessness among children.