MP Niwagaba promises thorough representation as he starts his new term

By Anthony Kushaba

The third batch of Members of the 11th Parliament have taken them

oaths today.

The Constitution provides that Members of Parliament

elect to take and subscribe to the Oath of Allegiance and Oath of

Members of Parliament.

Ndorwa East legislator Wilfred Niwagaba is among the member of parliament that took their oath.

 Niwagaba, promised to continue advocating constitutionalism and rule of law as well as doing his job as a legislator.

He also promised to start on ensuring that his constitutional amendment bill, which seeks to repeal offices of RDCs, Remove Army MPs, and Restrict Ministers to 21, advocating for a Panel of Speakers in Parliament, reinstating Presidential term limits, repealing the office of Prime Minister and having an elected Deputy President, is passed.