DPP launches child-friendly space room

By Sophan Niwamanya


Kabale office of the Director of public prosecutions (DPP) has today launched child friendly space room aiming at helping child victims and witnesses.

Speaking during the Launch at the Offices in Kikungiri Hill in Kabale Municipality, the Resident Judge for Kabale high court Moses Kazibwe said that the child friendly room will work as a reception and handling space for child victims and witnesses before appearing to courts of law, an interview room for children’s victims and witnesses and a room for emotional healing.

He added that the office of the office of the directorate of public prosecution, they have been facing a challenge with children fearing to speak out and give out evidences to things that torture their lives and the fearing to face perpetrators of the crimes committed against them a thing that has always been unfriendly to children.

It is also going to be for children who are undressed that are in need of advice and support

Kazibwe further pledged to embrace the use of the room asking all stakeholders in the sector to make use it for the enhancement and betterment of children’s justice.

Vicent Wagona, the Deputy director of public prosecutions, management and support services, revealed that Before this room was established children would be handled either in the office of state Attorney or in the courtroom which will not offer a conducive environment for the children to openly speak freely when crimes were committed against them.

The child friendly room was established with funding from the justice law and order sector and children at risk action network –CRANE.

Crane was founded in 2003 and officially registered in 2004, by a small number of Christian organizations who were working in Kampala to rescue children from the streets and from abuse.