Bushenyi Oil Leaked from nearby Fuel Station: Ministry of Energy

By our reporter

The oil spill that caused excitement in Kazinda Town Council, Ishaka in Bushenyi District last week as a result of a leakage from one of the nearby pump fuel stations, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has said.

Last week, residents of Mastya Village when they found kerosene freely flowing in their area from underground. This forced the Energy Ministry dispatched a technical team from Petroleum Supply Department to pick samples from the alleged wells and conduct an offsite survey. The team conducted surveys at BAM, VIVO, Shell Kizinda, and Jeruda pump fuel stations.

The team discovered a leakage from a 30,000-litre Kerosene tank at BAM Kizinda Filling station. The filling station lost 8,000liters of Kerosene over two months. The company has pumped the remaining fuel from the underground tank and hired a contractor to excavate the leaking tank.

The ministry says the owner of the outlet has confirmed the anomaly, saying Manager neglected stock reconciliation for Kerosene whose turnover is always low.