Kabale leaders urged to embrace tolerance

By Alex Byakatonda


Kabale district councilors have been urged to embrace a conflict resolution approach, while executing their council mandate, like avoiding confrontations with their colleagues and technocrats in addition to being accommodative of one another, if they are to realize effective service delivery.

The call was made on Monday by Deogratious Tiinaaku Mukasa, a national trainer at the local government level and also the former Mbarara district principal human resource officer while speaking at the start of a two-day induction exercise for district councilors and technocrats at the district Rukiiko hall. He observed that there is a need for the councilors, to avoid conflict situations, but rather aim at promoting harmony by avoiding the formation of cliques and political differences, as well as setting selfless goals. Mukasa implored the councilors to stop acting hasty and in panic, but always follow the right procedures, in order not to attract civil cases.

While opening the training, the Kabale district LC5 Chairperson, Nelson Nshangabasheija, noted that it was imperative that the induction exercise be conducted, since most councilors are new and needed to be informed about their roles and responsibilities. He called for cooperation among the councilors and technocrats for equitable service delivery.

The Kabale district Chief Administrative Officer, Edmond Ntimba, emphasized that the training, is aimed at equipping the councilors with knowledge of how to conduct their council activities. He also implored the councilors, to acclimatize themselves the legal Local government act, standing orders, so as to able to plan and conduct council activities well.

Augustine Atwijukye, also a national trained at the local government level, said that the purpose of the induction, is to enhance leadership capacity of councilors and district technical staff and contribute to the improvement of good governance in the district a decentralized system of governance.