NCHE allows Great Lakes University to resume operations

By Sophan Niwamanya

The National Council for Higher Education has lifted the ban on halting of Great Lakes Regional University in Kanungu District following its closure last month to enable investigations to take place.

According to a letter dated December 16th, 2021, and signed by the Deputy Executive Director of National Council for Higher Education Dr. Alex Kagume, Great Lakes Regional University was granted a temporary opening following a meeting of stakeholders which took place on 14th December will take immediate effect.

Dr. Kagume however directed the Great Lakes Regional University Vice-Chancellor to submit a list of up to 20 items to enable National Council for Higher Education to conclude the investigations.

The list of items to be submitted includes names of members of the Board of Trustees and the instruments of their appointment, names of the governing council and the minute for their appointment, and names of the management team and letters of their appointment.

Others items to be submitted include minutes of meeting and audited books of accounts since 2015 and the Great Lakes Regional University Financial policy which include loan agreements and repayment schedules.

The National Council for Higher Education spokesperson Saulo Waigolo speaking to our reporter they that the Vice-Chancellor should submit the bank statement for one year, NSSF and PAYE remissions, list of academic programs, administrative reports to NCHE of 2018, monitoring report of 2019, land titles, and agreements with donors and any other documents that may be needed.

The letter is also addressed to the Minister of Education and Sports, Minister of State for Higher Education, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Sports, Chairperson NCHE, Director HTVET, RDC Kanungu, DPC Kanungu, Rev Hamlet Mbabazi Kabushenga, and Honest Wilkins Natukwasa.

Dr. Kagume asked the Vice-Chancellor to submit all the required information not later than 15th January 2022.

Speaking to our reporter, the Director of great lakes Region University, Mr. Natukwasa Wilkins said that he was excited after receiving a copy and commended the National Council for Higher Education to allow them open.