Kotido authorities suspend operations of five health facilities over insecurity

By APN Reporter


The Kotido resident district commissioner   Ambrose Onoria, has ordered the closure of five health units following death threats and shootings of health workers by suspected armed Karimojong warriors.

The closure took effect on Tuesday following an emergency district COVID- 19 emergency task force meeting held on Monday.

Residents in affected areas have been urged to seek medical attention at the nearest medical facility.

The affected health centers include   Lokiding  , Lopuyo  , Rikitae  , and Napumpum.

According to the directive from the resident district commissioner, Services at the facilities in question will only resume after residents apprehend those who are attacking health workers and civil servants.

Recently a parish chief identified as Ayen was assassinated at his home in Panyangara sub-county.

 Another health worker was shot while riding to duty, and a community development officer was waylaid and assaulted on his way to work.

Several attacks have been carried out mainly targeting civil servants crippling service delivery.