Kigezi Region Celebrates as Charges Against Gen. Kale Kayihura are dropped.

By APN Reporter

Kigezi, Uganda – A surge of elation cascaded through the expanse of Kigezi subregion as former police chief, Gen. Kale Kayihura, was exonerated from his charges today. The court martial dropped the charges, which encompassed allegations of negligence in safeguarding crucial war materials and purported involvement in the abduction of refugees. This development has left local leaders and residents of Kigezi jubilant.

In an exclusive conversation with our correspondent, Abel Bizimana, the LC 5 Chairperson for Kisoro district, conveyed his gratitude to President Museveni for acknowledging Gen. Kayihura’s contributions to Uganda’s liberation and progress. Bizimana, categorizing the charges as politically motivated, fervently called for Gen. Kayihura’s reinstatement, now that his name had been cleared.

“Anxiously awaited by the people of Kisoro district, this moment has arrived. The accusations against Kayihura were driven by ulterior motives, but today, our champion can retire with dignity for the nation he valiantly served. We, the Bafumbira, beseech Gen. Museveni to redeploy our esteemed figure,” articulated Bizimana with passion.

Underscoring Gen. Kayihura’s dedication to education, Bizimana disclosed that the former police chief had extended financial support to numerous students from Kisoro during his tenure. He aspired that with Kayihura’s exoneration, the students could resume their educational pursuits.

Bizimana also extended his appreciation to Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba for his resolute advocacy in favor of dropping the charges against Kayihura.

“We commend Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba for standing by the people of Kisoro district in securing Kayihura’s vindication. Our loyalty to him remains steadfast,” he added.

Martin Hakizimana, the LC 5 Councillor for Muramba sub county in Kisoro district, hailed Kayihura as the pride of Kisoro, emphasizing that his acquittal signified the district’s potential to shine anew on the national platform. “Kayihura epitomizes Kisoro district in Uganda. With his absolution, our ecstasy knows no bounds, and Kisoro reclaims its prominent spot on the global map,” Hakizimana exclaimed.

In Kabale District, LC 5 Chairperson Nelson Nshangabasheija Baba also lauded Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, attributing to him the pivotal role in the dismissal of the charges. “The news of Gen. Kale Kayihura’s exoneration calls for revelry. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s unwavering dedication has come to fruition. Gratitude to the Almighty,” Nshangabasheija expressed.

Nshangabasheija further extended his appreciation to President Museveni, acknowledging his paternal role, attentive ear, and comprehension of Kayihura’s contributions to the nation.

Nshangabasheija also depicted Kayihura as a devoted member of the NRM party, and appealed to President Museveni for his redeployment.

Hailing from Kisoro district, Gen. Kale Kayihura played a pivotal role in the revolutionary movement that ushered in President Museveni’s ascension to power in 1986.