Rubanda Christians Urged to Uphold the Lent season discipline.

 By Naboth Isaac Niwagaba

The Rubanda Woman MP Aspirant Ms. Jacqueline Katabazi has challenged Christians to maintain the discipline they had during the lent season even after the Easter holiday. 

Ms. Katabazi was yesterday addressing Christians of Nyamasizi Catholic Centre, under Rubanda Parish, in Hamurwa Subcounty, Rubanda District. She noted that Christians usually abandon their discipline after the end of the lent period, which ushers in Easter Sunday, yet they are supposed to maintain the discipline.

“You see people so humble, calm, and prayerful during the lent season, but this all changes after Easter. Why ? We need to maintain our discipline even after Easter because that’s what God wants us to do,” she said. 

Ms. Katabazi contributed Shs. 500,000 to the ongoing construction work on the Nyamasizi Church building. 

Her messages were backed by Rev. Fr. Vian Sunday, the Kabale Diocese Vicar General, who presided over the Easter Mass at Nyamasizi Catholic Centre. Fr. Vian said it was unfortunate that some Christians resort back to alcohol, fornication, and related iniquities after the Easter days are over. He thanked Ms. Katabazi for the support she has rendered to the church. 

Rev.Fr.Vianny preaching.

The Catechist of Nyamasizi Catholic Centre, Musa Turamyomwe, revealed that the Eucharist bread shared by Christians from all the churches that make up Rubanda Catholic Parish had been procured by Ms. Katabazi as her Easter token to the church. Mr. Turamyomwe appreciated the Rubanda Woman, Mp. Hopeful, for the support she gave to the church. 

Meanwhile, Ms. Katabazi earlier attended her first Easter Sunday service at Kagarama C.O.U., where she also contributed Shs. 1 million for the construction projects at the Hamuhambo Town Council-based church. 

While speaking at Kagarama C.O.U., Ms. Katabazi urged Christians to use Easter holidays by continuing to do good and charitable works, like they have been practicing during the Lent season. 

She also thanked Christians for the financial efforts they have put in for the construction of their new church, which is half way to completion.