Kigezi Home Boyz ejects Kitara FC from Uganda Cup

BY APN Reporter

Kitara Foot club has been ejected from the ongoing Stanbic Uganda cup despite defeating Kigezi Home Boyz Football club 3-1 in the away second leg game.

The game was played on Sunday evening at Kabale Municipal stadium in Kabale district. Mbidde Pius penetrated Kigezi Home Boyz’s defense and scored the first goal for Kitala in the 10th minute.

Kigezi Home Boyz’s Dickson Niwamanya alias Kihanga also scored in Kitara’s net in the 28th minute.  

However, Edison Agondeze the striker for Kitara FC scored a bless (two goals) in the 68th and 83rd minutes.  The 5-5 aggregates however could not favor Kitara FC to survive due to the 4-2 loss they made against Home Boyz in the first leg game at Kavumba Recreation Grounds in Wakiso district last week.

Anthony Ssekito, the head coach of Kitara FC admitted that the club’s home loss of four goals created a big gap of chances to recover. He also says that his players were still tired and could not score more goals.

Mark Twinamatsiko, the head coach of Kigezi Home Boyz football club says that even the narrow chance to join the round of 16 remains a win and a big boom for the club. He also says that Kitara being in Superleague could not be easy to defeat home and away.