Kyokwijuka talks about his passion for sports

I have not got chance to play football, I don’t want other young people to follow suit!

Given my background as a humble son of Kigarama, having orphaned at a young age of 8 years, having committed much earlier in my life to religiously attend school, since my Auntie always told me that education is my father and mother, having not paid so much attention aside of academics, I didn’t involve so much in football, until my S1, when I tried Basketball at St. Joseph’s vocational college -Mbarara aka JOVOC and was privileged to play for the school in the National Sprite Basketball Tournament of 2007. 

When I left O’level and joined another school, my main focus was leadership in addition to academics and I didn’t play any more. Much later in my life, I have tried playing and I realised I would have made a very good goal keeper, had I given it a try in my earlier life. 

I have appreciated overtime, that there could be so many kids down there who genuinely would love to grow their talents but lack the basics. The play grounds are there yes, but the other basics are really left to politicians who come once in a while. 

It is against this background that I will be launching the Kyokwijuka Cup this year, an annual football competition through which I will be mobilizing young people into football action and in the process share messages of Hope and sustainable living with them and those that we can reach. 

It is my confidence that this humble effort can encourage those young people with talent to take it on and grow it, to the level of getting into professional football. 

Mine is always a humble effort towards a great cause, and this too is not an exception.

The writer is a Kampala based businessman based in Kampala and hails from Kigarama,Maziba sub county in Ndorwa East.