Police Bans Bags, Ungazetted Entry points in Kabale Education Institutions

By Naboth Isaac Niwagaba


Police in Kabale District has banned bags and use of ungazetted entry points in Educational institutions amidst terror threat.

The new guidelines were read out by the Kabale District Police Commander Abel Ruganza while addressing the press about measures put in place to manage security in the area, following the recent twin bomb attacks in Kampala in which six people died and 33 others sustained injuries.

Ruganza said Police are regarding Educational institutions, especially Universities as possible targets of terrorism and therefore security has been beefed up at all open institutions among other measures to ensure the safety of the learners and school staff members.

He said it was on that note that they decided to ban bags that could be used to carry harmful metallic objects, adding that the institutions are ordered to suspend entry of people through ungazetted points. 

However, at Kabale University, Board  Secretary Naris Tibenderana said they had a challenge of numerous entry points and it would require heavy manpower to stop movement at the unmanned points. He asked for the District security committee to convene and advise more on how they can handle the situation.

After making an inspection around the institution located at Kukungiri hill, Mr. Ruganza said Police would write down recommendations on how to secure students and staff, by providing alternatives, but he emphasized that the University must plan and construct a perimeter fence as one of the most important security measures.

Kabale University is the biggest tertiary institution in Kabale District with an estimated population of 4000 students and staff members. 

Meanwhile, Ruganza revealed that the Police Flying squad Personnel who was recently dispatched to Greater Kabale District had already been deployed on the streets and places classified as potential targets of terror. He said such places included tourism hotels, business centers, educational institutions, health facilities, among others. 

According to sources, a total of 5000 flying squad personnel has been dispatched to different parts of the country to boost security amidst threats of terrorism. Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga recently revealed that the Counterterrorism flying squad officers had been subjected to a three months training since August this year, and the plan was to deploy them towards the festive season that is usually characterized by a high crime rate.